Wireless Digital Pulse Oximeter (XMR10)

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Our high-precision, hospital grade, compact digital oximeter delivers accurate oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse strength within seconds on a large digital LED display. Designed in Germany and approved by the FDA, we’ve integrated powerful medical-grade technology into a convenient and easy-to-use one-button device. A perfect addition to your home health tool kit or for high-intensity athletic training, you can rely on real-time measurements delivered instantly.

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SpO2/ Blood Oxygen Saturation

Pulse Rate / Pulse Bar

FDA Approved

Auto Shutdown

Customer Reviews

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Great combo
Easy and accurate
Infrared contactless thermometer
Great pulse Oximeter

Lab-tested, proven accuracy (up to 99%) of SpO2 and pulse rate (even under strenuous situations or low blood flow)

Easy to use one-touch button with large digital LED display allows for a quick, clear read displayed within seconds

Exclusive quick clip design features a hypoallergenic boot that gently supports fingers of all sizes and shapes from children to adults

Portable, wireless, lightweight and smaller than leading competitive oximeters

Pulse bar graph displays real-time and high-valued visual data of heart beat

Bonus Gift and Accessories

Our oximeter comes complete with a lanyard for convenient on-the-go carrying. We’ve also included two AAA batteries so you can start using immediately after opening the box!

The powerful benefits of personal oximeter use

Easy, convenient, and affordable access to take responsibility for your family’s health

Quickly assess the need to call a doctor

Gives peace of mind, especially to those with breathing difficulties or cardiovascular conditions

Assists with high-performance exercise training

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your oximeter so special?

Unlike other devices on the market, our oximeter is wireless, features a hypoallergenic boot, uses very little battery, and includes both batteries and a lanyard for easy transporting.

How do I ensure I get the most accurate reading?

Make sure your finger is free from nail polish or bandages and use your index or third finger on your dominant hand. It is best to have warm hands (cold fingers may give a false reading) and it is important that you are relaxed.

What degree of error does your oximeter have?

Our device is highly accurate with only a +/- 2% possible variance.

What is your refund policy?

All PeakLife360 products come with our exclusive Happiness Guarantee. If you have any concerns with the product, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

What is a healthy oxygen level?

Most medical professionals will agree that a healthy oxygen reading level is between 95 to 98%. Anything under 92% can be considered low.

Does this oximeter have only one display reading?

No, our oximeter can be read two different ways depending on your angle and who is reading the results.

Where is your oximeter designed and made?

Our oximeter is designed in Hamburg, Germany, and assembled in China.

Will this work on a child's finger?

Yes, our boot will work on a child’s finger but is not intended for children under 3 months old.