Good Oxygen Level Is a Sign of a Normal Heartbeat

Published February 17 2021

It’s increasingly easy to take care of health needs at home. From telehealth to the wide availability of home medical devices, more and more people are making the decision to take an active role in their own health monitoring. But people don’t always know what the most important indicators of health are.  

Blood pressure monitoring is a good example. Most people know that consistently checking blood pressure at home can help with early diagnosis, help track treatment, and even spot problems and spikes that might not necessarily be consistent enough to register at a single doctor’s appointment. But they might not know that blood oxygen is an incredibly useful measurement when paired with blood pressure readings.  

Blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation are intrinsically linked. If an individual’s blood pressure gets severely low, it can result in decreased blood oxygenation, which in turn can impair the functioning of the heart and other organs.  The impaired function of the heart could lead to difficulty breathing which could lead to less oxygen intake. 

Additionally, pairing blood oxygen readings with blood pressure readings can help people assess how serious their problems are. High or low blood pressure can be caused by a wide variety of conditions; therefore, measuring blood pressure only tells half the story. Checking oxygen saturation levels alongside blood pressure can help ensure that your heart and lungs are functioning well, or give more insight into what exactly is happening in your body to cause blood pressure changes. 

Oxygen is essential to every function of the body. And it isn’t always obvious when someone isn’t getting enough. While extremely low blood oxygen saturation is usually apparent, a subtler drop may simply lead to the person in question feeling a little tired, unaware that there might be something more serious going on. 

Being mindful and having a better understanding of how oxygen affects the heart and all other organs is an important step in home health monitoring. At PeakLife360, we encourage you to take charge of your health by being mindful of your health goals, have conversations with medical professionals and heeding their advice, and working toward these goals through a combination of exercise, diet and relaxation.   

With PeakLife360 products like our FDA-approved blood pressure monitor and FDA-approved wireless pulse oximeter, you can see for yourself how working towards your goals improves your health metrics and helps your body function better. 

And, because blood oxygen saturation and blood pressure are so closely linked, we’ve created a special bundle for people who want to truly understand and take charge of their health or the health of their loved ones.  

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