Why Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have a Nebulizer

December 21, 2020

Taking oral medication can be a drag. Many children and young adults gag on traditional medication, while many older people find it hard to swallow pills. This difficulty can interfere with medicine delivery or cause many to skip on important treatments and medications, making it important to find an alternate delivery method.  

But that’s not the only benefit to a nebulizer. Unlike medication delivery methods that pass through the gastrointestinal tract into your body, the nebulizer can deliver the medicine directly through respiratory tract, a more direct and effective delivery method. For those who get stomach cramps from taking pills or who can’t stand the wait before medication kicks in, a nebulizer can be life-changing. 

This isn’t new or untested technology, either. People have been refining the way we take medicine since medicine was invented. Medical literature back in the 19th century heavily discusses the issues with swallowing medication. Luckily, a French inventor named Sales-Girons came up with a contraption using a bicycle pump that atomized medication for easy inhaling. During the 20th century, this technology of delivering medications, especially to asthma sufferers, has steadily improved.  

Present-day portable devices owe a lot to Sales-Girons, but they’re far advanced what he could have dreamed of. Today, the modern nebulizer can deliver an array of medication efficiently and effortlessly to all age groups.  Using a well-made home device can increase the efficacy of the medication being delivered. The modern device uses electricity to convert the liquid into fine mist droplets that can be delivered directly to the lungs. They’re easy to breathe – some people even use nebulizers in dry air conditions to create more humid air and relieve sinus and throat pain.

Home nebulizers are recommended for patients with frequent airflow obstruction, low breathing volume, or for those that need medications or doses not available for inhalers such as dry-powder or metered-dose types. Additionally, many allergy sufferers and people who live in smoky or pollen-filled environments find that a home nebulizer helps them breathe more easily. 

Earlier versions of nebulizer were heavy, bulky and hard to carry around. Two centuries later, we have products like the PeakLife360 Nebulizer: small, battery-operated, and perfect to use at home or on the go. It can even fit in a handbag and is operated with the touch of a button. 

Nebulizers are easy to use, affordable, and convenient for people who suffer from anything from bronchitis to headaches to asthma. Consider adding a nebulizer to your medicine cabinet and see the difference for yourself. 


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