How can owning an oximeter can help improve quality of life for those with asthma?


Asthma is a common inflammatory disease that affects the airways and lungs. It narrows the lumen of airways, making it difficult for air to pass through. It results in difficulty breathing and can make it almost impossible to perform any physical activity. Cases of asthma have become prevalent in our society, and each year new cases are on the rise. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 25 million Americans currently live with asthma, and 1 out of every 12 American children have asthma. 


Scientists have varying theories on why asthma rates continue to rise within our society, including lifestyle changes (like poor diet and low activity levels), an increase in airborne pollen due to climate change, and widespread urbanization.


Technology has always backed medical sciences to diagnose and treat different diseases. And those with asthma can use treatments and lifestyle measures to manage their condition and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. And with a condition that accounts for more than 2 million emergency department visits each year, people living with asthma know that monitoring and managing one’s health and triggers is a daily necessity.  


Thankfully, with the advancement and availability of medical-grade technology at home, like using a finger pulse oximeter, patients can monitor their oxygen levels and incorporate the use of the device into their own personalized asthma action plan within the convenience of their own home. Ideally, regular self-monitoring and recording of oxygen levels can significantly help asthma patients manage their disease and avoid asthma attacks even before they ensue.


So, what exactly happens to a patient’s lungs during an asthma attack? Once an attack is triggered, the airways become swollen, and the muscles around the patient’s airwaves tighten. They then experience decreased airflow because of the obstruction and reduced oxygen saturation in the blood, which leads to severe wheezing, coughing, difficulty speaking, and very rapid breathing.


How can a pulse oximeter can help asthma patients?


There are immediate warning signs (e.g., airway constriction measured by spirometry, and blood oxygen saturation levels that drop significantly) that signal an asthma attack before it ensues. For those who have asthma, regularly monitoring of oxygen saturation levels, and taking precautionary measures whenever the levels drop (even by a little) can help prevent an attack.


What exactly is a pulse oximeter?


A pulse oximeter is a small, convenient, non-invasive, and painless device that detects blood oxygen saturation levels. It’s easy-to-use and highly accurate. To measure, insert your index finger in the clip, and within seconds you’ll have the measurement displaying the concentration of your blood oxygen saturation. Normal blood oxygen saturation ranges from 96% to 100%. And it may drop as low as 92% during an asthma attack. If your blood oxygen saturation levels read below 94%, it can be an alarming sign that an attack may be triggered.

A proven prevention tool…


In a 1999 report published in the Journal of Asthma, the blood oxygen saturation levels of 174 children with severe asthma were measured using a pulse oximeter. The results concluded that a severe asthma attack might ensue when the children had less than 92% oxygen saturation. The study found it beneficial to measure oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter to monitor the severity of an asthma attack and found it useful for prognosis.


When shopping online for an oximeter…


A quick Google or Amazon search will reveal a flood of cheap at-home pulse oximeter devices. But what features are most important?  How do you know which devices will last? What is the warranty? Was the product tested? Is it FDA approved? Where does it ship from?

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